This website came about after a having a frustrating experience trying to secure my home. In 2017 for the 1st time I had to live on my own in a house, something I had never done before.

As someone living alone the security of the house suddenly became more important than it had been before. Having 2 or more people sharing just felt safer especially, because of circumstances, the house was usually occupied 24/7 but now, as it was often left empty for several hours a day, and sometime several weeks if I went on holiday, it felt like I needed to take action to secure the premises.

In addition to securing the premises I also, for the first time in my life, developed a phobia of been locked out of the house if I lost my key. Living alone meant that there was no one to call or let me in if my key went missing. A quick and easy solution was an old school key safe but it didn’t feel completely safe or really my style, also because of the size of the house key the safe needed a little modification which was actually easily done. This plan, however, did not work long term as the keysafe, disguised as a rock was something that the gardener threw away on multiple occasions during one of his clean-up operations.

It seemed like the most logical solution to my problem was to turn my home into a smart home, calling on the infamous “Internet of things” to fit the house with the works, why just go with the locks when there was so much fun to be had with:

  • A smart alarm,
  • Smart locks
  • Smart CCTV
  • Motion detectors,
  • External and internal siren,
  • Some kind of app which would allow me to control everything from my phone,
  • And then finally I decided I would add a smart doorbell

Off the bat my priority was to setup wireless internal CCTV and smart locks and as I got the hang of what I was going I would expand on my setup, as soon as I looked for these online I instantly realised just how complex the setup could be.

While I am reasonably competent technically apps, settings things up and generally “smart” anything was not something I really enjoyed. There would be no pleasure at all in researching, setting up or testing any of the above, the feeling of satisfaction would only come once things were setup, working and running smoothly. Every update, upgrade or new release would just be a time-consuming nuisance as far as I was concerned.

After days of reading and researching the process of turning a house into a smart house I realised a few things:

  1. It was going to be a complex process
  2. There were no guides or information out there targeting the beginner. It felt a little like when I got into bitcoin in 2015 and only people who were in the know were able to make sense of anything
  3. A very real feeling that I got was that at the moment, successful implementation of a smart home was something that