About Us

Strange Candy is a website exploring the strange world of smart tech in the home. My journey into smart tech started when I decided to install smart locks on my house and after 2 days of looking I still had no idea how to make it work or get things going. It was a bit of a farce, however, I did get on top of things and here is a photo of me in my new smart kingdom!

me in my smart kingdon

At the time of writing it is not easy to convert your home into a smart home, lots of big companies are trying to make this easier but it’s a slow process. You cant just had a set of smart locks on your door without a selection of apps and central smart hubs around the house at a minimum. If you want to add more smart tech to the house in the future you also need to approach things differently and futureproof your setup.

Things get even more complex if you do not intergrate smart tech correctly and you can end up with one app to set the home security, one to lock the doors, one to open the blinds and another for just about everything else. Unless you want the homescreen of your phone overrun with 1000 apps just so you can do what you used to be able to do with a few dials around the house and a set of keys then this site is for you.

I hope my struggle into the world of smart tech is going to help bridge the gap for you and make your adaptation and transition to the future less painful than mine was.